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A series of articles by Jim Chafin, Principal of NetGain Service Group, will be posted here on an ongoing basis. These postings will address topics of interest to all mechanical service contractors.

Check back often to read the latest addition to the NetGain Service Group library.

New Consulting and Advisory Services Firm Tackles Chronic Sales Productivity Issues Facing the Commercial Mechanical Services Industry

NetGain Service Group, a specialty consulting and advisory services firm exclusively for the mechanical services industry, is launching its business by addressing the toughest issues that service contractors face on a daily basis. First on the list: Sales Productivity.

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Making the Move from a Reactive to a Pro-active Service Business

We’re in the greatest industry in the world. Think about it. There is a seemingly unlimited supply of existing buildings of various ages, all of which have a need for the types of service we can supply. Anyone who owns a building has made a significant investment in mechanical systems. Those systems need to be maintained, repaired, retrofitted and eventually replaced. While our industry is not recession proof, it is recession resistant. Energy costs continue their dramatic rise, putting a real strain on owners’ operating budgets. Our market is huge and we are desperately needed.

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